Missing Mom on Mother’s Day

Photo By: Bill Clark

I would like to honor my mom’s memory today. It has been eight years since she passed away beautifully and on her own terms in hospice care at the age of 83. I was blessed to be by her side when her spirit peacefully left her body. I can say with certainty that it was one of the most powerful times in my life, being with her those last three days as she prepared with deep intension to move on. My siblings were there along side me to see her off. It was clearly her time and we supported her with our love and presence.

I know this may sound odd but when she took her last breath we cheered in celebration. The hospice caregivers looked a bit perplexed by this response. But we knew she was finally at peace and free from the burdens of her aging body. Of course my feelings were mixed. Along with the joy was deep sorrow. She was gone and I would never again see her bright smiling eyes looking at me with such love and adoration. I would never again be able to go to her seeking wisdom and intuitive insights during trying times.

Mom represented my life line to the divine. I was born into this body through her willingness to carry me for nine months. She held for me a reservoir of love that was unbending in it’s devotion. She had become my greatest cheer leader. Tears flowing as I write this…It was even harder to let her go since my dad had died five years previous to this. I was officially an orphan. But as the years as have passed it has become apparent that she is still lovingly cheering me on but from the other side now. I love you mom!

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2 thoughts on “Missing Mom on Mother’s Day

  1. “She held for me a reservoir of love that was unbending in it’s devotion.” This so beautifully captures the essence of a mother’s love. Thank you for sharing these insights and memories!

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