Best Laid Plans

Photo by: Cara Hope Clark

Today would have been Claude’s 65th birthday. Happy would have been Birthday Claude!

When we fell in love and got married, our plan was to grow old together. See our son evolve and grow as he emerged into adulthood…best laid plans.

But as we all know, our constant companion is change. There is no getting around it.

This year on Claude’s birthday I had hoped to honor his memory with the release of my NEW companion book to Widow’s Moon, The Transformational Nature of Grief, A Pocket Guide Embracing the Light of Your Soul.

But alas, change has inserted her artful self into the mix with delay tactics. I have surrendered to her sly maneuver as she insists that I learn more about trust, patience, and “right” timing.

I have come to view change as a sacred gift in disguise. When looking back on my life, I see that contrary to what my first reaction may typically be, change has always been working behind the scenes for me.

Just like grief, it arrives when our soul needs us to take a new path, guiding us to the next phase of our journey through this life.

I am super excited to share more about The Transformational Nature of Grief in the coming weeks, just as soon as the Universe gives me the signal to launch it. I’ll be in touch. 

For now though, I invite you to open to the mystery that change brings to our doors. Be receptive to the miracles that may unfold as a result of change. When we get out of our own way the Universe is always directing us on the right and perfect path.

Always with love and light,



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