Meet Cara

Photo By: Steve Gaudin

Cara Hope Clark was born into the world during a full lunar eclipse in Providence, Rhode Island. At a young age, she knew she was more empathic and sensitive than most. These gifts have informed her abilities as a creative and intuitive energy healer.

Having lost her late husband to suicide in 2012, she has spent years exploring grief and its transformational nature. From a path well-worn she shares inspirational wisdom, assisting others along their own journey through grief. She continues to be a guiding light as the author of her two companion books: award-winning and bestselling Widow’s Moon: A Memoir of Healing, Hope, & Self-Discovery Through Grief and Loss and her latest book, The Transformational Nature of Grief: A Pocket Guide Embracing the Light of Your Soul.

Cara is a co-author of the international bestsellers: Life Reimagined, and Reclaiming Your Midlife Mojo, she has been on a divinely guided personal and spiritual growth path for over forty years.

She lives in the serenity of her tree-lined perch, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her son Noah and their beloved canine, Lyra. It’s here in these natural surroundings where her creativity soars, whether it be through photography, painting or her writing.

Her life purpose continues to be a guiding light for others.