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FrOm Cara HOpe Clark

Two Rituals Honoring Your Grief: Sacred Shrines & Altars + Widow's Moon Affirmation Cards

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Discovering empowering practices after the loss of your loved one can be an important step on your healing and transformational path through grief. With my Sacred Shrines & Altars guide, and Printable Widow’s Moon Affirmation Cards you will discover methods for creating your own personal rituals and explore ways to tend and care for yourself as you grieve.

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Widow's Moon Sacred Shrine & Grief Altar Guide

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Widow's Moon

Affirmation Cards

Meet Cara HOpe Clark

Cara was born into the world during a full lunar eclipse in Providence, Rhode Island. At a young age she knew she was more sensitive than most. As she grew into adulthood in her twenties, she began to find her way to various healers who would guide her to discovering her life purpose and pursue her calling to help others in the healing arts. She chose to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico during that time to receive her massage therapy, Reiki, and energy work training.

In 1989, she moved to San Francisco and studied at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Mill Valley, California. She had a private practice for fifteen years as a massage therapist and intuitive energy healer before becoming a full-time mom in 1998.

Her husband’s suicide in 2012 brought her to yet another calling, sharing her story of grief and transformation, and ultimately leading her to write Widow’s Moon, A Memoir of Healing, Hope & Self-discovery Through Grief and Loss. As the best-selling author of Widow’s Moon, Cara’s inspirational wisdom is imparted, assisting others along their own journey through grief.

She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado with her son Noah and their beloved dog Lyra. Photography, writing, painting, gardening, cooking, music, spending time with loved ones, and being out in nature give her joy and solace.

Continuing on a divinely guided path of personal and spiritual growth for over forty years, her life purpose continues to be a guiding light for others.

For more information about her bookWidow's Moon, go to: