Befriending Change

Hello dear one!

As we glide into Autumn welcoming the color filled days of October, I’m thinking about the concept of change. We typically shy away from this dastardly force. Or at least I know that I do.

Despite that, I have come to appreciate its ability to carry us with all its potency, into our next fertile chapter.

Are you faced with a loss that has catapulted you into a world of change? Or perhaps you find yourself resisting those soul whispers trying their best to alert you to a new and more enriched way of living?

Though not always easy to do, this excerpt from my memoir Widow’s Moon perfectly illustrates how natural it can be to surrender to change, if we are willing.

I noticed that the trees, with all their wisdom are our teachers. They exemplify the ability to gently and effortlessly release that which no longer serves us. I also noticed that nature does not resist the cycles of change. Do the grasses resist turning brown and moving freely with the blustering wind? In fact, the only thing nature does resist is stagnation or lack of change.

Change is the breath that our soul requires. It’s our souls language, guiding us to our greatest and fullest expression of who we truly are.

Knowing this, I now pose this question to you.

Despite any resistance that may be creeping in, are you willing to move in the direction of befriending change? Even if it’s just a small change? I always love the idea of baby steps. Sometimes that’s all we can ask of ourselves and that’s okay!

If so, what steps can you take to engage with change in an ever deepening way?

In the spirit of moving through my own resistance and befriending change, over these next several months I plan to spend more time on my Instagram page serving up inspirational insights, wisdom and grief support. Nature has always been my go to place for healing so there are plenty of posts highlighting nature’s beauty in the mix.

I hope to see you there!

With love and many blessings for easing into a time of letting go…

CHope xoxo

If you or a loved one are in need of support be sure to check out my memoir Widow’s Moon and my latest book, The Transformational Nature of Grief!

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