You Can Make a Difference

Photo By: Cara Hope Clark

Hello dear friends,

I thought I would pause my flurry of book launch craziness for a quiet celebratory moment. 

I have been actively sharing launch posts all week on my FB and Instagram pages. In case you have missed those, I wanted to share this most exciting news with you!

I have reached my goal of Widow’s Moon reaching the #1 Bestseller ranking on Amazon!!! Woo Hoo!!! I can now call myself a Best Selling Author

I have to admit that my human ego self likes the sound of that! This is a huge milestone for me. To go from someone who never imagined being an author to this is mind boggling!

When we can learn to dissolve our fears and allow our inner light to shine brightly into the world we are living our lives with purpose and meaning! This passage from the introduction of Widow’s Moon, serves as a reminder to us all.

I heard a clear communication from my

angelic guides: Don’t let the idea that you are small keep you

from believing that you can make a difference.

This week I have been showered with love and kindness, and quickly discovering that I am making a difference. I have heard of many others sharing Widows’ Moon with those who they feel would benefit from its supportive messages. 

I’m grateful that I have chosen this path and have had the courage to shine!!!

May you shine your light brightly in the world!

Cara Hope xoxo

If you have already ordered your copy, Thank You! 

If not, I wanted to remind you of two things. 

My launch week price of $0.99 for the ebook lasts through this Saturday, so be sure to order your copy!

When you order a copy of Widow’s Moon, either for yourself or for a friend, you can download 

6 Bonus Supportive Gifts that I have chosen just for you!

In your gift bundle you will receive:

  • Widow’s Moon Sacred Shrine & Grief Altar: from the Author

  • Widow’s Moon Affirmation Cards: from the Author 

  • 21 Signs from Loved Ones in the Afterlife: ebook by Jennifer Angelee

  • Nurturing Self-Love: A Guided Meditation: from Gwen Cupples

  • Embodiment of Peace: A Guided Meditation: from Marianne Mitchell

  • Inviting Presence: A Body Centered Meditation: from Beth Erlander 

To purchase your book and receive your gifts at

Oh and one more thing. The post I sent out earlier in the week had an issue with the link. I apologize for any inconvenience. This one should be working now! Thank you for your patience while we work out all the bugs. 

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