The Birth of Widow’s Moon

It’s official—I am beyond proud and grateful to announce that my BIG day has arrived! 

After nine years of gestation, the birth of my book, Widow’s MoonA Memoir of Healing, Hope & Self-discovery Through Grief and Loss will be born into the world on Monday, July 26! 

You may ask yourself, what does she mean by nine years of gestation

It just so happens that nine is a number of completion and initiation. When my husband Claude died by suicide nine years ago, I had no idea that I would one day complete a book guiding others along their path through grief. It has taken all these years to deliver me to this moment in time. On this journey to wholeness, I have gained much insight and wisdom into the grieving process, the nature of our soul and our human experience. 

You may also be wondering, hmmmmm, what is the relevance of this book’s title? 

An excerpt from my introduction helps illustrate how I have come to view my own path through this season of grief and how this book’s title came to me. 

Some Native American tribes associate distinctive seasonal or

energetic characteristics with the moon, leading to the symbolic

naming of each full moon—for example, the Growing Moon or Pink

Moon in April carries with it the energy of rebirth, renewal, and the

re-emergence of the varied pink wildflowers.

Widow’s Moon embraces this tradition. This moon phase honors

the divine feminine. In addition, it encompasses a potent invitation,

asking us to harness the power of grief as a catalyst for awakening,

growth, and transformation. It carries the full potentiality to redefine

who we are and who we have come to be in this present incarnation.

Re-defining who I am has been ever-present since Claude’s suicide. For over a year now the vast majority of my time and devotion has been to this project. While the outer world has been changing and evolving, my inner world has followed suit. Just like my grieving process, I have been stretched in ways that I could not have predicted. I have a new respect for authors and the level of dedication and determination it takes to create and launch a book.

My deepest gratitude to those in the seen and unseen realms who kept tapping me on the shoulder. With their assistance, I have been able to bring this culminating phase of my personal Widow’s Moon cycle to completion.

All love and light!

Cara Hope

P.S. I almost forgot!

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