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Widow's Moon

A MemOir of Healing, HOpe & Self-DiscOvery 
ThrOugh Grief & LOss

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WidOw's MOOn Offers COmfort & HOpe fOr THe Grieving WidOw's Heart

When Cara loses her husband of 18 years to suicide she enters a season of deep grief. 

Widow’s Moon shares her courageous journey with clarity, optimism, and strength asking us to embrace the power of grief as a catalyst for spiritual growth, personal transformation, and awakening, signaling our entrance onto a sacred evolutionary path.

She shows us how she journeyed through the darkness of grief, to eventually embrace joy, gratitude, and self-love. Although primarily written for widows, this book will also be valuable for anyone who has suffered a profound loss.

Meet Cara HOpe Clark

Cara Hope Clark was born into the world during a full lunar eclipse in Providence, Rhode Island. At a young age, she knew she was more intuitive and sensitive than most, and has always felt drawn to the mystical realm. As she grew into adulthood in her twenties, she began to find her way to various healing practitioners who would guide her to discovering her life purpose. Her calling to help others in the healing arts led her to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she received training in massage therapy, Reiki, and energy work. In 1989, she moved to San Francisco and studied at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Mill Valley, California. She had a private practice for fifteen years as a massage therapist and intuitive energy healer before becoming a full-time mom in 1998. She has been devoted to personal and spiritual growth for over forty years.

Cara holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Rhode Island. As her son grew older, her interest in the visual arts eventually brought her to creating a body of work of abstract paintings. 

These paintings reflected a connection to Spirit that allowed healing energy to flow onto the canvas.

Her husband’s suicide in 2012 brought her to yet another calling— sharing her story of grief and transformation by writing this book. Widow’s Moon has been another form of creative expression including energy transmissions from the Divine.

She currently calls Asheville, NC her home, together with her son, Noah, and their beloved dog, Lyra. Photography, writing, painting, gardening, cooking, music, spending time with loved ones, and being out in nature give her joy and solace.

Praise FOr WidOw'S MOOn


Wendy Black Stern, C-IAYT
founder of the Grief Support Network, Inc. Owner of the Center for Somatic Grieving, LLC

"Widow’s Moon comes to us as a guiding light of hope, resilience, and the power of the human heart to heal and transform in the face of unimaginable tragedy. Through the pages of this heart-opening, vulnerable, and exquisitely written book you will see yourself and know that you are not alone in your journey of grief. Regardless of what kind of loss you have been through, you will benefit from Hope's wise and loving teachings - everything we go through in life is a teacher for us and here to support our spiritual growth. This is most certainly the message of our times! I truly can't recommend this book enough, and I offer a deep bow of gratitude for this inspirational, authentic sharing of one courageous woman's pathway through loss and how our grief can serve as a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth and transformation. Hope is a beautiful person with a big heart, who took the time to confront and move through her grief and now this book is here for all to benefit from her profound healing journey."

Tanja Pajevic
author of The Secret Life of Grief

"Widow's Moon is a wise and compassionate exploration of love, loss, and transformation. This book will be a gift to many. If you're feeling alone, confused, and unsupported—as so many of us do while grieving—allow this book to companion you through your own loss."


Janet D. Tarantino
author of Dying to See: Revelations About God, Jesus, Our Pathways, and The Nature Of The Soul

"Amid the pain and grief of unexpected death, there arises a roller coaster of overwhelming emotions that creep into the psyche at the most unexpected hours of daytime or nighttime. Widow’s Moon is a superb personal account of loss, grief, spirit messages, the journey back to life, and finally accepting life amongst the living again. It is an astounding account of how the deepest grief can be the catalyst to a spiritually guided journey back to the living at just the right time. I highly recommend it."


Beth Erlander
MA, LPC, ATR, grief friend, psychotherapist & grief support practitioner

"Cara Hope’s Widow’s Moon is a beautiful and heart-wrenching story of losing her dear husband to suicide and how she had to navigate the chaos of immense grief. She brings you along both her inner and outer process and gives you an intimate look into what helped her come out the other side stronger. She’s truly a grief warrior. She gives you many practical tools to help you with your own grief journey with whatever loss you may be experiencing. I found it similar to my own journey to befriend grief after losing my partner to quadriplegia. We need more books on our intimate experiences of grief like this one! Thank you Hope for giving us all HOPE!"


Johanna Walker
TEDx speaker

"Cara Hope Clark is a master storyteller and brave truth-teller. In Widow’s Moon, she lets us into the harrowing journey of losing her husband to suicide with grace, skill, and heart. Never self-indulgent, always with an eye to transformation. If you’re ever lost anyone to suicide, read this book. And if you’ve ever lost anyone at all, the themes she touches on are so universal, it’s relevant for all of us."


Kitty Edwards
Executive Director, The Living & Dying Consciously Project

"Cara’s journey through grief is a reminder that the practice of rituals can help each of us find the treasures hidden in the darkness. Widow’s Moon is a precious gift to all those who are dancing with grief."


Marianne Lindstrom Mitchell
energy healer, spiritual counselor

"Widow’s Moon is a deep, honest, intimate journey through the masterful teachings of grief. Cara Hope takes us with her through all the layers of her metamorphic journey to the ultimate emergence into love and acceptance. Full of wisdom, guidance, and hope, this medicine story offers much to anyone who is experiencing grief. If you are ready for the alchemy of your own journey, I highly recommend Widow’s Moon as a guide, teacher, and friend."


Eeris Kallil

"I am very impressed with Cara’s ability to write about such a difficult period of her life. Her story unfolds in a truly compelling and engaging way, and her voice is authentic and relatable. Within the story, she weaves her insights and wisdom with practical suggestions and guidance. Whether you are new to the journey of grief or it’s a road well-traveled you will find this book deeply moving and inspirational."

FrOm tHe IntrOductiOn
Of WidOw’s MOOn

Over these many years since Claude’s suicide, I have elevated the word ‘widow.’ I now see it as a badge of courage, signaling entrance onto a sacred evolutionary path.

Though this book is written from a widow’s perspective, my journey has imparted lessons that I feel can be helpful to all those who grieve. These include learning how to hold space for grief, honoring and caring for oneself through grief, and within the midst of it all, loving and embracing one’s perfectly imperfect self.

Although the loss of those you love is devastating beyond measure, it can also serve to crack you wide open in ways you never could have imagined. With your higher wisdom guiding you, you have the unexpected opportunity to reflect on your identity and the life narrative awakening and claiming new aspects of yourself that were previously dormant or yet undiscovered.

Some Native American tribes associate distinctive seasonal or energetic characteristics with the moon, leading to the symbolic naming of each full moon—for example, the Growing Moon or Pink Moon in April carries with it the energy of rebirth, renewal, and the re-emergence of the varied pink wildflowers.

Widow’s Moon embraces this tradition. This moon phase honors the divine feminine. In addition, it encompasses a potent invitation, asking us to harness the power of grief as a catalyst for awakening, growth, and transformation. It carries the full potentiality to redefine who we are and who we have come to be in this present incarnation.

MOre Praise FOr WidOw'S MOOn


Lisa Schiavone
healer, teacher, evolutionary astrologer

"Widow’s Moon is a beacon of light that shines for those navigating the turbulent seas of grief. Cara Hope’s story creates a vessel of healing through deeply honoring the ever-changing cycles of grief while holding a higher awareness of purpose and meaning. Her generous and applicable tools are alchemical gold for those who have sustained heartbreaking loss and are on their own journey toward health and wholeness. Thank you for your courage and wisdom, Cara Hope!"


Dr. Skye Zimmermann
transformational coach

"A beautiful and raw rendition of the heroine's journey, Cara eloquently shares with us how she turned loss and grief into Hope. Moving. Inspiring."


Lisa Bluedeer
spiritual intuitive, shamanic practitioner

"Widow’s Moon is an honest and inspiring memoir. This story takes us through Hope’s journey to reclaiming her connection to Source, and to what it means to live life fully again. A heart-wrenching yet poignant account of how she found the courage to face the days and years that followed her husband’s suicide. Immensely readable and full of guidance and encouragement …one brave woman’s journey back to life."


Gwen Cupples
midwife of awakening

"If you are looking for inspiration, Widow’s Moon is for you. It’s one of those books that just flows and you can't stop reading it. It definitely motivates you to do your part to move through the grief life can sometimes place upon us. I found Widow's Moon to be incredibly powerful and am so grateful to Cara Hope for having the guts to write it."


Rebecca Austill-Clausen
award-winning author of Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life

"Widow's Moon is an exceptionally well-written story about overcoming grief. A comprehensive toolbox of suggestions and multiple resources is generously sprinkled throughout this book of compassion and understanding. The author eloquently shares her grief that occurs when her husband passes from suicide, yet this book is appropriate for anyone who is experiencing any form of suffering. She shares her journey with clarity, optimism, and strength. She explains multiple healing modalities used to help process and overcome this event while she moves forward. 

This eloquent story is filled with empowering self-love concepts and beautiful imagery appropriate for all readers. Cara Hope Clark's courage is stunning and provides strength to readers looking to find support for their journey. Much wisdom is shared in an exquisite voyage through grief. Beautiful symbolic analogies are presented in this carefully crafted and beautifully paced book. Widow's Moon is highly recommended for anyone in any stage of grief that would appreciate receiving multiple avenues of resolution."


Risё Severson Kasmirski
#1 bestselling author of When Paradise Speaks, A remarkable, true story of friendship,
after-death communication, and art that heals

"Widow’s Moon is an inspiring, true story that assures us that we can and will survive devastating losses in our lives. Hope exposes her most vulnerable self in sharing her arduous journey following the unexpected suicide of her loving husband, Claude. From the moment of his passing, as she finds her way through the hilly countryside of her grief, there are moments of top-of-the-mountain clarity and sunshine, and moments of deep, rocky ravines that leave her wondering how she will possibly build her new life.

In this riveting memoir, we live and breathe the shock and pain of loss and the triumphs of the tiniest steps back to wholeness. Hope shares her deep learning along the journey, lessons to us all that support surrounds us and will light our way. 

The gift to all who read this spellbinding memoir is an understanding of the unpredictability of grief—of how we can try to bring it to an end as quickly as possible, yet it will take all the time it needs. There are great insights for supporting others in their grief."


Jennifer Angelee
teacher, healer, and bestselling author of Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven

"Widow’s Moon expresses the essence of the season of grief from losing a life partner to suicide. It demonstrates the courage, fortitude and wisdom of the surviving spouse’s spiritual journey in pure authenticity."

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Widow's Moon Sacred Shrine & Grief Altar Guide from the author

Discovering empowering practices after the loss of your loved one can be an important step on your healing and transformational path through grief. With my Sacred Shrines & Altars Guide (includes Audio Guide &PDF instructions) you will discover methods for creating your own personal rituals and explore ways to tend and care for yourself as you grieve.

A valuable gift for all who have suffered a profound loss.

~Gift #2~

Printable Widow's Moon Affirmation Cards from the author

With 20 quotes from each chapter of Widow's Moon, these printable Affirmation Cards offer an easy way to find inspiration, hope, and courage.

~Gift #3~

21 Signs from Loved Ones in the Afterlife ebook by Jennifer Angelee

Discover the 21 most common signs from loved ones in the afterlife as irrefutable proof that love continues after death. This bonus is from Jennifer Angelee, author of, Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven: A True Story of Life After Death Communication Between Soulmates

~Gift #4~

Nurturing Self-Love: A Guided Meditation by Gwen Cupples

While you grieve, access inner peace and wholeness as Gwen Cupples, Spiritual Teacher, Master Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Guide, Healer and Life Coach invites you to open to the divinity within. She gently guides you to embrace that you are deserving, and worthy of living a life filled with love and wonder!

~Gift #5~

Embodiment of Peace: A Guided Meditation by Marianne Mitchell

This 30-minute recorded meditation with Marianne Mitchell, Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor weaves guided meditation, alchemical prayer and silent communion to experience and embody the peace that surpasses all understanding.

~Gift #6~

Inviting Presence: A Body Centered Meditation by Beth Erlander

Grief Friend: Psychotherapist & Creative Grief Support Practitioner Beth Erlander assists you with identifying where grief is being held in your body, guiding you to feel a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

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