Dreams Unfolding

Hello dear soul,

Photo By: Cara Hope Clark

Are you like me? Taking time this week before we ring in 2022, to reflect on this past year.

It goes without saying that 2021 has brought for all of humanity a time filled with overwhelming change and challenges. We may ask ourselves: what does this mean for me as a soul who has incarnated on this planet at this pivotal period of transformation?

You even may ask yourself: What is my purpose as I imagine moving through 2022?

These are important questions to be asking ourselves. 

Looking back, I see that in 2021 I have released many of my keenly developed self-protective boundaries, allowing myself to be seen in ways that were unimaginable before. 

I stepped out of the shadows, emerging as an author and publishing my long awaited memoir, Widow’s Moon. I can proudly say that she made it to #1 Amazon Bestseller in multiple categories, with an added bonus, my first book award! WOW!

If that wasn’t enough to get my light shining, I also had the honor of sharing my own story of hope and resilience with 19 other courageous woman in Linda Joy’s book: Life Reimagined which became an International Best Seller. Wow, again!

To top it all off, I received my unexpected marching orders to move from my home of seven years, Boulder, CO. My inner guidance was loud and clear. We were to pick up stakes in Boulder and head back to Asheville, NC! Yikes! 

It’s been a wild ride for sure!

I am looking to 2022 for nurturing personal growth, continuing to push up against those self-protective barriers. To be completely honest with you, it’s somewhat comfortable staying small. But that’s not really an option at this point. I have chosen to step onto the path and I want to see where it takes me. 

I’m not sure what lay ahead or how things will unfold in 2022. I’m still in my transitional re-calibration cocoon after the move just two months ago. But what I do know is that the Universe has magically delivered me to this mountain top for a reason and that I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what’s next.

What have you been contemplating and wanting to dream into reality for 2022? 

I am wishing you a New Year filled with dreams unfolding!

All Love and many blessings,

Cara Hope

4 thoughts on “Dreams Unfolding

  1. Happy New Year, Cara Hope — I look forward to reading your book in 2022!

    With love and blessings, Byron

  2. Congratulations for all that you’ve seen to completion and Best wishes for all that you will continue to do!
    Happiest New Year Wishes for 2022! Stay healthy!
    Sending big hugs to you and Noah!

    1. Aztechan, you are one of the many shining stars of my book and my life! I am deeply grateful for your comment and your loving support! Biggest hugs and love to YOU! xoxo

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