Valentine’s Day: An Opportunity to Nurture Self-Love

Hello dear soul,

I have been thinking a lot about what Valentine’s Day means to me in this chapter of my life. 

My conclusion is that whether I have a sweetheart or I am single is irrelevant. Valentine’s day can be a reminder to love myself up in either scenario! It sounds easy enough in theory, sadly though, it can be challenging in our culture to truly feel unconditional love for ourselves. 

Though it’s taken some time over the years since my husband Claude’s suicide, I have been evolving and strengthening my orientation towards self-love. 

In my book, “Widow’s Moon” I talk more about my experience with this: On page 168 of Chapter 18 entitled “Love,” I wrote this:

“It’s been an ongoing process to love myself right where I am. This entails accepting my human wounds, messiness, and vulnerabilities, all without judgement or the feelings that I need to be “fixed.” This human condition is a challenging quest that requires our dedicated conscious awareness. Sure, we want to heal and transform, yet we must also honor our unresolved emotional wounds and entanglements, knowing that those aspects of ourselves are just as worthy of compassion and love.” 

Learning to love and honor myself continues to be a priority. Is it always easy? Nope, Not at all! I have my transient dark days when it feels impossible and then the light reemerges making it easier to see the truth of who I really am, Love itself.

One of the many things that I have incorporated into my daily rituals is the practice of gazing at myself in the mirror. 

Page 169: 

Each night, I look into my eyes, recognizing the brilliant divine light and love within. I smile, I touch my face, and say I love you; you are beautiful

In that moment, something magical occurs. I can genuinely feel Universal love that transcends any emotions that I may have been feeling just moments before. I actually feel in love with me! 

Do you think you could give this a try? 

It takes practice to develop the habit and to feel comfortable with this. Over time it becomes more natural and you will experience your inner light reflecting back the love that is YOU. 

Please remember dear one, that you are loved just as you are in this moment more than you can ever imagine!

Cara Hope

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