Reflections: We Are All One

Photo By: Cara Hope Clark

Words have been circulating in my mind for the past couple of days, pleading with me to sit down and write. I have felt resistant for fear of how these words would be received and knowing that this post is deviating a bit from my established theme of sharing my story and grief support. But with the images we are being bombarded with these past few weeks it feels important that I listen to what needs to come forth. So here we go, I am here, sitting at my computer, we’ll see where this takes me.

It goes without saying that the events of human carnage over the past few weeks is profoundly disturbing and heart wrenching. It feels meteoric in its intensity and frequency, one horrifying incident after the other. It may feel like it is hard to catch your breath. Has this become the new normal? More death and more people left in the wake of these terrorists acts. We might say to ourselves “what is happening?” is our world crumbling and falling prey to the darkness? Where is the light in all of this? Where is the hope that things can ever change? Fear may be surfacing, certainly grief may be among some of emotions floating around inside of us. We may be grieving a world where we felt more safe where things appeared to be more stable and predictable. Our world as we once knew it is slowly changing and shifting into a new paradigm of being. Sometimes change can feel pretty scary and look messy. Yes, there is darkness in this world, yet it may be helpful to note that you can’t have darkness without light. The two exist side by side. So if that is the case those of us who are aware of the light within need to amplify this light. The more of us who do this the greater the force will be to create the balance that is needed. There are those among us who have been doing this in our own way for many years; some quietly, some not so quietly. This is part of our purpose.

These events affect each one of us in this human experience. It’s not just those that had their lives savagely taken from them, it is all the family members, friends and loved ones and all of us in this human family that are watching from afar that are left in the crushing aftermath of these attacks. Wondering, what is next, where does it end, will it ever end?

Here is a significant piece that was swimming in my mind yesterday. I was walking my beloved dog Rayner in the early morning before the full force of the sun had its chance to take hold. We were walking by the lake near my house and I noticed the reflection of the glorious mountains in the glassy still water. As I was taking photos of my captivating surroundings these words entered my mind: “Until we as a human race are willing to engage with the belief and the knowing of the truth that we are indeed reflections of one another and to truly see one another as One this will continue”. So if this is true then don’t we all have a responsibility to step up and start remembering who we really are and what our part is in this reality at this moment in time?

I like to look at things that happen in my life from the vantage point of the Big Picture, The Big Plan. I think that perspective might be helpful in the Big Picture of our world. At least I hope so. Is it that these hateful events are symptomatic of the shifts that are taking place on this planet within our human experience? You may know the saying “Things sometimes get worse before they get better”? It does appear that this may be the case. If this is true, then I would imagine that these things will just keep escalating until we reach a tipping point. Humanity needs to make some monumental shifts from a place of hate and separation into inclusion and love.

We may be feeling powerless in the face of these seemingly endless incidents and we may be asking ourselves: What can I, a single person, do to help? Please remember you are one person who is part of the Whole of Humanity! We are all connected as One.  All change starts with us. Our collective thoughts create what is manifested in our world. Through conscious awareness, we have more power as peacekeepers than we realize. Peace is an inside job. We can help dismantle the matrix of hatred in our world one heart at a time. It starts with us. When we can allow peace and love to reside in our own hearts we are the peace keepers. There is great power in this due to its ripple effect. As each one of us wakes up to this knowledge and is able to hold ourselves and our fellows in love, knowing we are love itself and knowing that there is no separation, we are able see the divinity within ourselves and in turn will be able to see the divinity within others.

This truly makes me want to cry. It sounds so simple and basic, yet so monumental all at the same time. How will we do this? My smaller self is getting in the way of this clearly defined path. Feeling like it is an impossible task. But what else are we to do? I say a resounding YES, let’s get on board! Let Love flourish, let Love be in center stage despite the darkness that we are repeatedly being presented with. After all, doesn’t “Love Conquer All”? I say let’s surrender to Love, let’s reside in Love. Are you with me Dear Ones?

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  1. I completely agree. I used to change the signature quote on my emails to keep them fresh but for years now this has been the only one. It’s my mantra. “Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” – J.M. Barrie (Author of Peter Pan)

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