Acceptance in the Face of Fear and World Change

Photo by: Cara Hope Clark

If you are anything like me and many others I have spoken with, you may be feeling shell shocked and full of grief among a myriad of other emotions after our gut wrenching election results. You may have been holding on to a vision or hopes attached to another outcome. I feel like I am lost in a fog, held captive by this collective force of utter disbelief. I was talking to a friend today and we were relating the similarity of these feeling with other traumatic events such as 9-11 and earth quakes we had lived through. Who would have guessed a presidential election would leave us feeling so utterly traumatized.

It is important to allow ourselves the time we need to process this loss, process these wide range of emotions. It will undoubtedly take some time to work through it all, especially since we will be living in a world where we get to bear witness to the consequences of the election on a daily basis for the next four plus years. It will be nearly impossible to get away from this seemingly alternate universe we find ourselves inhabiting.

Using political jargon, how can we “spin” this, giving the appearance that this is actually the best possible outcome that we could have hoped for? My son Noah and I were watching the results painfully stream in. As the hours passed it was becoming apparent that Trump would likely be our next president. My breath became more shallow, my stomach was in knots, Noah was gradually slumping lower into his chair. I needed to take a break from this harrowing experience. I opened up an e-mail from my sister. She sent me a book title she wanted to share with me. I decided to check it out. I opened up a link to a free audio sample from the exercises in the book. I clicked on the link curious to see what it would offer. We heard calming New Age music playing in the background, I thought “what a contrast to this distressing election coverage”. Ah…I paused and took a deep breath, we heard the words “session four: ACCEPTANCE. Noah and I immediately looked at each other and burst out laughing!

There could not have been a clearer message than that. From this clear message I gather acceptance is the balm that we need right now. Without it we will surely plunge into deep despair. I find it interesting that the word acceptance has come to the forefront in another post that I wrote. It is a powerful stance to come from. Without it we cannot find our balance, we cannot find peace. I am not saying that we are to bypass our feelings of shock and grief but to gradually allow acceptance to sooth our pain.

Even though on the surface it may not appear to be the case, maybe this is exactly what we need to shake things up. We all know, Washington has been broken for a long time. This would not have been the way I would have chosen for that change but let’s try to be open to seeing how things unfold. Let’s try to imagine that maybe there is a higher plan in the works that can eventually lead us to a place we only dream of at this point. I am holding on to that! Life is filled with many mysteries. I don’t think anyone could deny that the election of Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States surely falls into that category!

We are faced with an opportunity here. Are we willing to make a commitment to stay on track, to stay on purpose and live our truth despite what is happening in the world? Are we willing to rise above the fear, the hate, bigotry, within each other and within ourselves etc. Are we willing to rise up together as ONE saying YES to the higher vibration of LOVE? I say YES, I want in on that, how about you?

All Love and Light,

Cara Hope

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6 thoughts on “Acceptance in the Face of Fear and World Change

  1. Thank you for “spinning” this positive attitude for us to embrace. I forwarded it to a friend who is having an especially difficult time with the results of the election as she is surrounded by more unlike-minded people than like-minded. We certainly can’t hope that he does badly just to prove ourselves right because we go down with the ship. We need to nurse our wounds and repair our damaged relationships…..and move on.
    Thanks for your “words of Hope”.

    1. You are so welcome Holly. I am glad you found this helpful and thank you for sharing with your friend. I agree how would it serve us to wish him failure of any kind. After all we are all part of this. Seems that it would be in our collective best interest to hold a space of love and acceptance to support our healing and moving into a new way of relating to ourselves and one another. <3

  2. Interesting times we are living in. So difficult to detect what is truth. It seems that one truth is that people all over this country are disparate to be heard. Maybe we need to listen to each other more rather than pointing fingers at the other side who we have never tried to engage. We have to find some way to bring this family of man together!

  3. Loved This

    Been feeling sick since the Election and I do mean Sick. I have been disappointed by many other Elections but nothing like this one Yes we have to go on hoping things will work out. If everyone puts there differences aside and do a lot of love spreading it will. BY love spreading I mean wish everyone a happy day or at least a good one . say Hi as you pass in the street or store it dose not hurt anyone but can make some ones day. Don’t look at there Nationally or Religion just remember They are people just like you or me. Follow the Golden Rule Treat others as you like to be treated and you can’t go wrong
    I DO and am Happier for it.

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