Grief And Gratitude This Thanksgiving

I have been working on my memoir over the past few months, writing about my experiences since my husband Claude died by suicide over five years ago. On the surface as I have faced this unimaginable loss it might appear that feeling any sense of gratitude would be elusive or unattainable. However, as I review … More Grief And Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Lifelines: Keeping Us Afloat As We Grieve

I am feeling grateful and renewed after spending a week in Southern CA. I went there to spend some quiet time by the sea with one of my beloved soul sisters and her family, and to reclaim my connection to the Pacific coast.I had forgotten how blissful it is to walk barefoot on the beach … More Lifelines: Keeping Us Afloat As We Grieve

Breathing Through Grief

Are you as intrigued as I am by life’s synchronicities and how our divine or higher selves find ways to communicate with us? My son Noah and I have been talking over the past few days about breathing and how we tend to hold our breath, especially while we are in high stress mode. Sure, … More Breathing Through Grief