Befriending Change

Hello dear one! As we glide into Autumn welcoming the color filled days of October, I’m thinking about the concept of change. We typically shy away from this dastardly force. Or at least I know that I do. Despite that, I have come to appreciate its ability to carry us with all its potency, into … More Befriending Change

That Was Then, This is Now

I recently had a conversation with a fellow widow and mentioned that this month marks the eleventh year since Claude’s suicide. Knowing that I am much further along than she is on her journey she asked me point blank, “does it get any easier?” Without thinking I responded, YES! I felt my heart aching for … More That Was Then, This is Now

Widowhood: Your Badge of Courage

Honoring International Widow’s Day No woman ever expects to find herself donning the veil of “widowhood”. We hope and pray that this particular human experience will pass us by. Yet there are so many of us who have found themselves living within this unimaginable reality, seemingly without end. It’s been mine for nine years and … More Widowhood: Your Badge of Courage

Twenty Six Years

Photo By: Cara Hope Clark Hello dear one, A funny thing happened last Friday. I tried my best to be spontaneous, as a Taurus that’s really saying something. We tend to want to have things planned out. I had an inspiration to share this post but alas, my attempts were thwarted by technical difficulties. I’m … More Twenty Six Years

Nine Years

I didn’t know in 2018 when I wrote my last blog post it would take me over three years to write another. As it turned out, I needed to take a break from writing about grief and my experiences after Claude’s suicide. One month turned into two, then three, to where I stand in this … More Nine Years

Remembering Mom After Ten Years

  Last week I was standing in my kitchen when my heart sank as I remembered that February 28, 2018 will be the ten-year anniversary of my moms’ passing. I also realized that both mom and Claude died in leap years, what are the chances! Tears instantly filled my eyes and I soon found myself … More Remembering Mom After Ten Years

Valentine’s Day: Opening Our Hearts Again To Love

Valentine’s Day seems innocent enough but for those of us who have lost a beloved sweetheart the thought of Valentine’s Day approaching is not something we take lightly. Our hearts have been shattered and this manufactured day serves as another reminder that they are gone. Feeling that void can seem overpowering and suffocating to our … More Valentine’s Day: Opening Our Hearts Again To Love

Holding The Duality Within

I spent the last few months of 2017 working on my first book where I have been detailing my journey through grief since my husband’s suicide in 2012. At years end I was feeling rather in awe and exhilarated about what I had accomplished. I took a few weeks off over the holidays and now … More Holding The Duality Within

Tending To Our Grief & The Holiday Blues

This will be my sixth Christmas since my husband Claude’s suicide. Over time my heartache has lessened considerably. But I will always feel the pain of his absence in the recesses of my heart. With each year it has become abundantly clear that making a conscious choice to take care of myself around the holidays … More Tending To Our Grief & The Holiday Blues

Grief And Gratitude This Thanksgiving

I have been working on my memoir over the past few months, writing about my experiences since my husband Claude died by suicide over five years ago. On the surface as I have faced this unimaginable loss it might appear that feeling any sense of gratitude would be elusive or unattainable. However, as I review … More Grief And Gratitude This Thanksgiving