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~Gift #1~

Widow's Moon Sacred Shrine & Grief Altar Guide from the author

Discovering empowering practices after the loss of your loved one can be an important step on your healing and transformational path through grief. With my Sacred Shrines & Altars Guide (includes Audio Guide &PDF instructions) you will discover methods for creating your own personal rituals and explore ways to tend and care for yourself as you grieve.

~Gift #2~

Widow's Moon Affirmation Cards from the author

With 20 quotes from each chapter of Widow's Moon, these printable Affirmation Cards offer an easy way to find inspiration, hope, and courage.

~Gift #3~

21 Signs from Loved Ones in the Afterlife ebook by Jennifer Angelee

Discover the 21 most common signs from loved ones in the afterlife as irrefutable proof that love continues after death. This bonus is from Jennifer Angelee, author of, Beloved, I Can Show You Heaven: A True Story of Life After Death Communication Between Soulmates

~Gift #4~

Nurturing Self-Love: A Guided Meditation by Gwen Cupples

While you grieve, access inner peace and wholeness as Gwen Cupples, Spiritual Teacher, Master Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Guide, Healer and Life Coach invites you to open to the divinity within. She gently guides you to embrace that you are deserving, and worthy of living a life filled with love and wonder!

~Gift #5~

Embodiment of Peace: A Guided Meditation by Marianne Mitchell

This 30-minute recorded meditation with Marianne Mitchell, Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor weaves guided meditation, alchemical prayer and silent communion to experience and embody the peace that surpasses all understanding.

~Gift #6~

Inviting Presence: A Body Centered Meditation by Beth Erlander

Grief Friend: Psychotherapist & Creative Grief Support Practitioner Beth Erlander assists you with identifying where grief is being held in your body, guiding you to feel a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.