The Ride of Our Lives: Parallels Between Grief and Political Change

Photo by: Cara Hope Clark

On inauguration day we watched as the 45th president of the United States was being sworn in. Many of us cried, experiencing deep despair, disbelief, fear, anger and yes, grief. We may have been thinking, (and still thinking) “can this really be happening”? Are we living in an alternate or parallel universe? What are we to do now? Dan Rather, when interviewed on the Rachel Maddow Show described it as feeling like we are living in the “Twilight Zone.” It seems to fit.

What I find heartening and miraculous though, the very next day, we saw something else occur in this new reality. As our values and principles are being challenged in ways that feel unprecedented, beyond all expectations, we witnessed, an awe-inspiring event. Millions of citizens, men, women and children marching worldwide coming together in solidarity, making their voices known. They stood up, empowering themselves at a time when they may have felt powerless with our political system and this new administration.

Thankfully, it seems that this will continue. This is a new day and this is not over by any means. In fact, it appears that this is only the beginning. The shocking and distressing election of Donald Trump is serving as a catalyst to mobilize us into action in these changing times. It feels like a soul activation at a mass level. Do you suddenly feel like you are waking up from a sound sleep, feeling awake and ready for action? If so, you are not alone. Your soul is helping you remember why you are here. It is your responsibility as a citizen of this country and our world to heed the call. Just as Trump has his role to play in these transformational times, so do we.

Whether we like it or not things are changing. From our current perspective it can look pretty frightening, hopeless, and out of control. Remember we have a limited perspective from where we sit. From a future perspective we can look back in hind sight understanding why this played out as it did and how it all served the greater good of humanity. At least that is my hope.

The way I see it, we have some choices to make. We can let ourselves be dragged along kicking and screaming, feeling powerless, in a state of anger and panic; we could simply bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best. Or, we can come out of the shadows and serve as the Wayshowers for Love, Light and Truth. It’s not serving anyone to play it small anymore. These marches have underscored the understanding that it is time to be seen and heard, stepping fully into our power and our Truth. This is a time to remember who we are at our essence, that we are ALL ONE, we are ALL LOVE. The divisive rhetoric from either side will not survive in this new climate if we agree to come together in unity. It is our responsibility to collectively create our new reality, our new world that is all inclusive. A world where love and respect are the mandates of our society not hate and separation.

I am struck by the parallel between grieving the loss of a loved one to these world events. When we are faced with a significant loss it can feel like the end of our world as we knew it, we can’t see beyond our pain. We are in shock we can’t wrap our minds around what has happened. However, what we are not able to see in that small moment is the big picture. We are not able to see the part that grief is about to play in our lives. We are not able to see that our world over time can change and transform in ways that can be miraculous. It is only with time that we can gradually see the many gifts that wait for us as we traverse this path of grief. We have no idea where it will lead and what twists and turns with shape and mold us into new people. When we are faced with a major loss, with our souls at the helm we are taken on the ride of our lives. We will have many opportunities to empower ourselves and surprise ourselves as we journey through grief.

Instead of falling into the rabbit hole of fear and hate, I am choosing to see this election in the same light. We have no idea ultimately where this will take our country and ultimately our world but look at where it has taken us already. Globally people are coming together in historic numbers, fighting for what is right for humanity and our beloved mother earth.

I am writing this for myself as much as for you. Honestly, I find it horrifying to watch what is taking place before our very eyes in the first week of Trump’s presidency as he is showing us his true colors. However, I find comfort in continually choosing to see this as an exciting opportunity that we have all signed up to be a part of. It appears that just like grief it could be the ride of our lives, a time of extraordinary evolutionary change for humanity. Let’s be curious and explore how we fit into this picture. How are we each being called to action, whether it be something on a grand scale or small gestures? What part or parts are we willing to play? What are you willing to allow yourself to remember about why you are here at this extraordinary time in history?

Above all else, remember to be loving and gentle with yourself and breath!!!!

In Love, Light and Truth,

Cara Hope


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6 thoughts on “The Ride of Our Lives: Parallels Between Grief and Political Change

  1. Well stated. I am in complete agreement. Solidarity in truth and action with the intent of best outcome for self, fellow humans and the planet is the responsibility calling for each of us NOW!

  2. Love this so much. For the first time in my life I am becoming politically active. Many in this community voted for him and are very hostile towards those who didn’t.
    I also met many at the Women’s March like myself, who were marching the first time. Concerned about the character that was in the white house. Every day, I feel more of a burning to make a difference in a positive way than I have ever done before.

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