Spooky Stories: Transmissions From the Other Side

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Have you ever had the distinct feeling that your dear departed ones are communicating with you? In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to share a sampling of stories from my personal experiences.

My first encounter was when my mom was in Hospice care. I was patiently and lovingly sitting by her side holding her hand, it was her last day with us. As I quietly sat there, I found myself looking across the room to a photo that my brother had thoughtfully placed on the windowsill. It was a favorite family photo of my mom with my dad who had passed 5 years earlier. All at once, the image of my dad seemed to become transparent and three dimensional much like a hologram. It seemed to lift beyond the confines of the frame. As this was happening, my body was filled with the warmth of what felt like Divine Love, beyond what is normally embodied in this human experience, envelope me from behind. My heart expanded and my eyes filled with tears. The presence was unmistakable. It was clearly my dad! I remember thinking “Oh my God, they really do return to help loved ones pass to the other side”!!! I clearly heard his voice letting me know that he was proud of me and that he was happy that I was able to be there with mom while she transitioned. I will always cherish that extraordinary moment.

Since the circumstances of Claude’s death were particularly frightful and took place in our home, I was not too keen on the idea of having him communicate with me. I specifically asked him NOT to make himself seen or known in any way shape or form. I was understandably spooked by the the whole horrifying experience of finding him hanging in our attic. That was one Spooky Story! However, true to form, Claude was steadfast in his determination to make contact.

The first transmission was a few hours after his death when I heard him distinctly say “I regret doing this, I am so sorry!”  Over the next several months of supernatural occurrences frequented our home that when taken as a whole can’t be denied. Claude was unquestionably trying his best to connect with me.

~We had a touch light and a touch faucet in our kitchen. There was a week when they both were repeatedly turning on seemingly by themselves, it was kind of comical.

~Another week, our living room TV would turn on by itself, I think that may have happened 2-3 times. I have to say, it was rather disconcerting to find myself in the house “alone” and have the TV mysteriously come on. A little Poltergeist action thrown in for the fun of it. Claude did have comedic tendencies after all.

~There was one instance when a copy of the movie The Secret slid off the table and onto the floor. We took that as a clear message that he felt we would be supported in some way by watching it again. Thank you Claude!

~I walked into to my master bathroom that had double door at the entrance. When I went to leave I saw that one of the doors was closed, I had not closed it on my way in. Spooky huh? On many occasions I felt Claude’s presence in that master bath over on his side, by his sink. This seemed to be portal of some sort for his spirit to be felt. Sometimes I felt comforted by this, other times it just freaked me out. He was trying so hard.

~After we moved away I had another experience that took me by surprise. I was laying down in my bed when I saw and arm reach over beside me. It only lasted a couple of seconds but I had a distinct image of him wearing his black robe, it was Claude letting me know he was with me.

~This one was cool. I had an encounter with an owl at our house in Asheville. I was alone sitting in front of my computer when suddenly I heard a loud crash behind me. It sounded like a bird had flown into the glass door that went outside to the wrap around deck. I thought how odd that was given it was nighttime. Fortunately, the light was on outside. I was able to see a very small owl with those big gazing eyes staring back at me. I slowly moved closer to the door so as not to scare him away. We just sat there together for a few moments. Then as quick as he came he flew away. I was stunned with this encounter. I wondered what the message was. I went back to my computer and within about 5 minutes or less, I heard another loud crash against the glass door. Yup, it was my little owl friend back again. Not once but twice! I told my sister about it days later and her immediate response was “I think it was Claude”. I have heard many stories about visitations from butterflies, animals and birds. My mom said before she passed that if you see a butterfly it would be her letting us know she was well.

~By far the most satisfying communication has been through automatic writing. Claude has spoken in depth to me through this means. That has been comforting, supportive and healing for me. He has finally found a way to transmit his messages in a way that is significant and meaningful. I am grateful.

Ultimately, there is not really anything spooky about our loved ones communicating with us. They are not really “dead” they have just transitioned to another place. They come and go, some stay longer than others depending on what their purpose is. They are here guiding and loving us. They want us to know the truths that they have discovered to help us live more purpose filled lives. To help us learn to let go of those things that keep us from our souls directives. Nothing would make them happier than to see us do that.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any “Spooky Stories” to share? Come on I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, be open to listening to the messages from our loved ones. They are here for us always.

All Love,

Cara Hope

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7 thoughts on “Spooky Stories: Transmissions From the Other Side

  1. Ohhhhhh! Ahhhh! I love this post! It’s spooky, intriguing, funny, and sweet all rolled into one!
    Thank you for this!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I’ve just subscribed thank you for messaging me.. I also write what mark is telling me, I’ve had so many answers from this and I fond it comforting xxx

    1. Lisa, I am so happy you are getting messages from Mark. I too have found it is truely comforting and supportive. Welcome to my page! 🙂 I hope you find my posts supportive as well! If you downloaded my guide please let me know if you found it helpful, would love to get some feedback from you if you feel you want to share any thoughts. Blessings and love! <3

  3. I like this post:

    My Mother passed in Sept 1975 and since then I have had many encounters of her Spiritual presence of her both visual and auditory. I can write for hours with all her visit, I won’t but I will tell you what happened on this passed Tuesday, just came from shopping for groceries for Thanksgiving with the feeling of forgetting something when I heard knock on the front door….Not a plain knock as every one uses But a knock that My Mom always did that is one to the tune of Shave and a haircut two bits for any one who dose not know the tune it goes like this(1tap—four taps—two taps) when I opened the door there was no one there but I remembered what I forgot to get at the store.It was a turnip which my mom only ate at Thanksgiving and I make a small one as no one else likes turnip in my family including me but in her memory I cook a small one and think of her as I eat it.

    My Oldest Son passed in April 2012. I miss him dearly, When he visits I usually see a Shadow walking from the Computer through the hall and going into the kitchen, But when I look to see who it is after asking if it is my Daughter or her other brother? There is no one in the kitchen. He comes to let me know he’s Alright and is happy (No longer sick and in pain) . Last knight he came but this time it was different I didn’t see a shadow but heard his footsteps in the hallway I checked to see who it was because My Daughter and Younger Son was out shopping and I looked but no was there Still hearing the footsteps I wished him a Happy Thanjsgiving and told him I love and am Proud of him the footsteps faded away

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